Advanced Inbound Marketing Solution

Leading telecoms company deploys Advanced Inbound Marketing Solution.

100k + Upsell Transactions

As part of efforts to shift from product-centricity to customer-centricity, leading global telecom provider, 9 mobile decided to re-implement its Next Best Action (NBA) platform.

This allows the provider to offer its products/services to individual
customers based on metrics ranging from financial value, business priority and propensity to accept offers.
Bluechip’s proprietary Advanced Inbound Marketing Solution (AIMS) was chosen as the preferred platform.

Business Drivers

Drive up revenue through cross-selling and up-selling of customer centric offers.

Automate offer recommendations leveraging advanced analytics.

Monitor performances through rich reports and dashboards.

Improve customer retention and reduce churn.

Technology Drivers

Analytics-driven solution

Seamless integration to legacy systems.

Intuitive reports/ dashboards

Easy to use application for front end operators.


Increase in revenue by up to 28% in the first three months

Increased accuracy of offers

Drastic reduction in time to creating and managing eligibility and offers matrix

Generating insights without any dependence on IT.

Solutions we have provided for our customers

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