Cash Management Solution

Our Cash Management Solution helps treasurers optimise liquidity and enhance settlement efficiencies by ensuring cash is optimally utilised at the right place and time. It’s a highly critical task for the cash management unit and the treasury, but often a difficult one as the fulfilment/cash delivery and recording has to be done manually.

A Cash Management Solution for banks to manage cash and cash reporting

Cash Complete is an intelligent cash management solution. It uses Machine Learning and AI technology to learn the minimum level of threshold of cash required by any bank and can automatically alert treasurers of when they are about to reach the minimum threshold. On the other end, it can alert banks when cash in the bank exceeds the maximum threshold the vault is insured for.

What Does the Solution Deliver?

The solution delivers a complete overview of payments and liquidity positions in real-time. It simplifies the cash supply chain for banks seamlessly, by integrating all cash point data – ensuring your cash needs are met at the lowest cost, everywhere you need them. Our centralised cash repository and analytics allows you to manage demand for cash through to the precise denomination in each branch – all just a click away.

How Does Cash Get Managed?

Cash management teams or central bank teams can see requests raised for cash in a single view and disperse the cash digitally. With the help of Cash Complete, the demand for cash is fulfilled immediately without causing any undue delays for customers.

Why Our Cash Management Solution is Essential for Banks

Reduces Cost

Cash Complete reduces the cost of managing cash by moving the cash management to digital.

Cloud Native

Cash Complete is a cloud solution that easy to learn and adapt for business users.

Eliminates Cash Shortage

Bank managers and treasury teams can forecast and manage cash requirements digtally on the platform.

Reduces Risk

Reduces risk by ensuring the bank never exceeds the cash levels that it is insured for.

Real Time Cash Positioning

A complete view of cash resources for management teams.

Streamline Cash Management with Cash Complete

No matter the country, the currency or the demand volatility, Cash Complete provides the analytical tools, simplified procedures and accurate results to more efficiently manage cash stocks in one location or hundreds.

Cash management for banks

Cash Management Platform enables efficient cash utilisation

We have helped FirstBank – a Nigerian multinational Bank and Financial Services company headquartered in Nigeria to embark on a project to move the bank’s Enterprise Resource Planning from on-premise to cloud-based solutions through cash management.

The technology behind our Cash Management Solution

Cloud Native

The cash management solution is a cloud application that can be deployed on multiple cloud environments such as Azure, AWS, OCI, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and others.

Fully Integrated Platform

Cash Management Solution can fully integrate with any core banking application and all other RDBMS data sources.

Database Agnostic

It is database agnostic, so it can be installed on top of Oracle, SAP or any other banking application.

Completely Secure

It is completely secure as it uses TDI protocols and role-based access control with a two-factor authentication process.

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