Oracle Cloud at Customer Hosting Services

Unlock the Power of Oracle Cloud, On Your Terms

Oracle Cloud at Customer brings the agility and scalability of Oracle Cloud infrastructure directly to your data centre. With Oracle Cloud at Customer, businesses can leverage cloud technology while maintaining control over their data and infrastructure.

Bluechip Technologies, in collaboration with Africa Data Centres, offers Oracle Cloud at Customer Hosting Services, providing organizations with the flexibility and security of on-premises cloud solutions.

Create a single 360 degree view of your customer, deliver personalised programs with trusted customer insights, service customers faster, improve process efficiency and reduce operational costs.

We are at the forefront of Digital Transformation

Data Sovereignty

Maintain control over data residency and compliance with local regulations

Enhanced Security

Keep sensitive data within your own data centre while leveraging advanced cloud security measures.

Reduced Latency

Achieve high performance and low-latency access to cloud services with co-hosting in Africa Data Centres.

Flexibility & Scalability

Scale resources up or down as needed to meet evolving business demands.

Cost Savings

Avoid upfront capital expenses and reduce operational costs associated with managing on-premises infrastructure.

Our Pillars of Digital Transformation

Bluechip Technologies is committed to the delivery of Data & AI, Application and Infrastructure services that consistently meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

Data & AI Services

Our experience enables us to provide expert Consultancy service to best understand your business needs and to recommend optimal and practical steps to define your Digital Transformation roadmap.

Application Services

We are certified to implement and support off-the-shelf applications from globally recognized OEMs such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, SaS, Talend, Qlik, Backbase and more.

Infrastructure Services

We assist organisations in assessing, planning, recommending, and designing strategies needed in implementing and operating business solutions that are central to creating and maintaining a competitive business advantage.

Why Us?


10 times increase in ARPU with customer engagement solution delivered for one of the leading global mobile network operator.

Savings and Security

20% savings in cost of managing enterprise data while making sure of compliance with relevant data regulations. 

Fast time to Delivery

Solution delivery in days not years. Leverage our solution accelerators used by telecom providers and financial institutions across the world.

Manage your data better.

Request a demo today and see why we are the data management solution provider of choice for some of the
largest banks and telecom providers in the world.


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