Simplex Voucher Management

Simplex Voucher Management is a flexible solution for mobile operators to manage vouchers from their generation through to redemption.

Simplex Voucher Management

  • Generates vouchers, prints and generates a pin
  • Easy intuitive interface for distributors and SIM sellers
  • Manages the warehousing, distribution, activation and redemption cycle
  • Controls multiple voucher transactions

Simplex vouchers are distributed via POS, USSD and web, enabling operators, distributors and resellers to sell vouchers virtually. This was essential during the COVID pandemic, when physical distribution of vouchers become impractical, and now electronic vouchers are normalised and have been made entirely feasible and highly cost effective with Simplex.

Simplex Voucher Management

Simplex is a market leading Voucher Management System (VMS) that manages the complete life cycle of prepaid vouchers.

Helping Operators Generate Revenue From Physical Channels

Seamless Product Manager

Simplex provides a uniform platform to create, categorise, classify, and manage different products as required and defined by your organisation.

Pin Supply and Redemption

Simplex allows channel partners to sell/vend purchased virtual top up either as virtual top up or covert to recharge PINs for PIN based recharge.

Security and User Manager

Strict controls, design choices and operational best practices are put in place to ensure integrity of the system. Full audit trails and secure status tracking enterprise wide.

Adaptive Pin Generator

Adaptive Pin Generator allows you to use a mix of User ID, Serial No, and the Timestamp of the request for PIN uniqueness.


Provides your organisation with complete visibility of voucher life cycle through extensive reporting and customised to admin needs.

Why Choose Simplex?

Simplex provides complete security with voucher encryption through printing servers with a complete audit trail of the voucher. The voucher data sent to any partner is securely encrypted and can only be decrypted before printing. This reduces the risk of fraud and revenue leakage for the operator.

Simplex Integrates with Operators

Simplex Voucher Management also integrates with other operators BSS or other third party system so you can work with existing applications or systems. Get in touch to find out more.

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