Starting with Innovation

At Bluechip, we have a knack for innovation which is evident in our products and services delivery as well as our co-creation efforts with our customers and partners.

We have co-created products such as Cash Decision Support System (CDSS), Customer Data Management Solution (CDMS) amongst others with our customers. Years after creation, these products have remained intrinsic to the customers’ business because it was carefully and rapidly designed, engineered and delivered using design thinking and agile delivery methodologies.

Our Startup Focus


In 2014, we set up a $1.5million seed capital fund to providshort, medium and longterm funding to small and medium sized start-up businesses in high growth technology areas such as software, web and mobile technologies. The mission was simple; to power legendary companies in Africa by bridging the gap between start-up to market dominance.


As an IT company that was already excelling in business to business (B2B) serving most corporate customers within Telco, FSI, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing etc, the natural thing was to focus on technology entrepreneurs dealing in software applications, mobile applications, electronic payments and big data.



Today, our portfolio includes but is not limited to. 

The venture will see us intentionally backing startups countries where we have operations and or local offices in Cameroon, DRC, Nairobi, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia as we grow rapidly to become a pan-african company.

You can learn more from

LeadPath Nigeria.
9b, Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

DRC Office – 14, Sergent Moke Avenue, Concession SAFRICAS, Commune Ngaliema, Kinshasa

Kenya Office – 5 Floor, Mitsumi Business Park, Muthithi Road Westlands, Nairobi

Zambia Office – Petrodata House, Plot Number 1246 Kalembwe Road, Rhodespark

Ghana Office – HNO 42 Ring Road Central Busy Internet Street Accra


P: +234-1-454-9539