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Press Release: Bluechip Technologies’ Kenya Subsidiary Achieves Prestigious Oracle Field Delivery Partner Status (FDP)

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Nairobi, Kenya – 24th June 2024

Bluechip Technologies, a leading provider of data management and business analytics solutions, is proud to announce that its Kenya subsidiary has achieved the prestigious Oracle Field Delivery Partner (FDP) status. This prestigious recognition not only underscores our commitment to delivering excellence but also expands our footprint of expertise in East Africa.

Our Expanding FDP Portfolio:

  • Nigeria: Setting the benchmark for Oracle implementations.
  • DRC Congo: Leading the way with innovative solutions.
  • Kenya: Now bringing our expertise to East Africa!

What is Oracle Field Delivery Partner (FDP) Status?

Oracle FDP status is an exclusive recognition awarded to partners who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and success in implementing Oracle solutions. This honor reflects Bluechip Technologies’ technical proficiency, high-quality service delivery, and comprehensive understanding of Oracle’s product suite.

Significance of This Achievement

Enhanced Credibility: Achieving Oracle FDP status significantly boosts Bluechip Technologies’ credibility in the IT industry. It signals to clients that the company meets Oracle’s highest standards for implementation and support services.

Competitive Advantage: This recognition sets Bluechip Technologies apart from competitors, highlighting its advanced capabilities in delivering Oracle solutions and making it a preferred choice for clients seeking reliable and expert partners.

Exclusive Access: As an FDP, Bluechip Technologies gains access to Oracle’s advanced tools, training, and support, allowing the company to provide even better service and address complex client needs more effectively.

Strengthened Client Relationships: The FDP status demonstrates Bluechip Technologies’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, enabling the company to build stronger, long-term partnerships with its clients.

Benefits for Clients

Assured Quality: Clients can be confident in the quality and reliability of Bluechip Technologies’ services, knowing that the company has met the rigorous standards set by Oracle.

Expert Solutions: The FDP status affirms Bluechip Technologies’ expertise in Oracle solutions, ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcomes for their IT needs.

Advanced Resources: Bluechip Technologies has access to Oracle’s latest tools and training, enabling the delivery of cutting-edge solutions and keeping ahead of technological advancements.

Tailored Services: With enhanced capabilities, Bluechip Technologies can offer more tailored and effective services to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Looking Ahead

Bluechip Technologies is excited about the opportunities that the Oracle FDP status brings. We will continue to focus on delivering exceptional IT solutions and services, leveraging our new status to enhance our offerings and provide even greater value to our clients.

We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team whose hard work and commitment made this achievement possible. We also thank our clients for their continued trust and support.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we continue to grow and excel!

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us.

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