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Cash Complete (also known as Cash Decision Support System [CDSS]) is a robust enterprise resource planning application with rich analytics engine designed to improve cash management. It gives you direct visibility into expected cash needs and forecasted cash receipts and also allows banks to quickly analyze enterprise-wide cash requirements and currency exposures, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources.

Key Features

Prompt Cash Requests

Full integration with legacy/operational systems and customer data sources

Easy Cash Evacuation

Effective and efficient cash evacuation when reserves are full which helps in managing the cost of insurance on vault

Note Inventory

Users can register mutilated notes per denomination, cash shortages and overages

User Roles

Authorized users can approve or reject cash requests, cash evacuation requests, posted shortages/overage

Predictive Analysis

Excellent forecasting technique, based on past request trends and other business rules, of a branch’s cash needs over a specified period of time

Flexible Currency

Flexible currency options during transactions

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