Business Performance Measurement is concerned with:

  • Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of actions
  • Aggregating and standardizing information
  • Setting appropriate targets

The development of performance measures plays an important role in formulating and clarifying plans and strategies and setting targets for employees, project teams and business units. Performance measures should be part of a consistent performance measurement system which connects measures for top management, different business units, middle and lower management and sometimes even individual projects and employees.

A performance measurement system should also ensure that a limited and manageable number of measures are chosen and that the measures are balanced in terms of:

Financial and non-financial measures:

  • Leading and lagging indicators (input, process and output measures)
  • Trade-offs between measures

BLUECHIP TECHNOLOGIES’ will deploy enterprise robust dashboards to graphically monitor and manage enterprise performance.

A well balanced performance measurement system will help organizations to:

  • Develop the strategy and communicate the strategy throughout the organization
  • Define objectives and specify targets for business units, project teams and employees
  • Motivate and monitor employees and managers and guide their actions
  • Inform employees, managers and shareholders on the efficiency and effectiveness of past actions and strategies and the likelihood of success for future actions

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