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Who are we

Bluechip Technologies Limited is a system integrator that provides premier analytics, business application, infrastructure, consulting and managed services. We believe that business process automation is a business challenge and should be pursued as interplay of seven business levers namely Strategy, People, Process, Metrics, Applications, Data and Architecture.


To turn our client’s vital business data into a competitive advantage by implementing integrated business application solutions.


To be the premier specialist business application consulting firm delivering world-class services and values in Nigeria and beyond.

Why choose us

Hands-on Experience

We draw our strength from our rich experience of working across industry verticals and business functions. We have root level knowledge and a sound understanding of business problems. This helps us anticipate/ identify pain-points and provide solution

Thought Leadership

We apply our expertise to formulate a ‘go-forward’ plan for your enterprise. We mould best practices to suit your specific requirements.

Proven Methodology

Our methodology is flexible and customizable to best suit the business function and support objectives. Not only does it provide a systematic way to identify pain-points in your existing systems, but it also provides a well-defined framework to provide training and ongoing support as well as plan for future requirements.

Reasonable Costs

Due to lower operating costs and the availability of highly qualified individuals with a proven ability in Information Technology, Nigeria has emerged as a global leader in the areas of research and technology. This has resulted in a price to productivity ratio that allows you a very good return on investment.


We have a dedicated group of professionals who pride in the quality of their work. They have a good understanding of what it takes to ensure quality delivery, on time and within budget.


We build solutions to client requirement specifications. We also have a proven ability to quickly react and adjust to changes that may arise in the course of a project, thus minimizing any adverse impact.


Availing of better techniques and advanced technology we consistently keep improving the productivity of our software engineers with a view to improving time-to- market and lowering the costs of delivery


Strategic collaborations to give you the industry’s best. 


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