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BLUECHIP TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. is a full-service business applications firm dedicated to providing vendor-neutral solutions that bring industry best practices to bear in developing client data management solutions.


Business Performance Measurement

The development of performance measures plays an important role in formulating and clarifying plans and strategies and setting targets for employees, project teams and business units. Performance measures should be part of a consistent performance measurement system which connects measures for top management, different business units, middle and lower management.

Data Warehousing Solutions

The process of building a Data Warehouse includes the development of routines to extract data from operational systems and applications. The extracted source data is transformed and loaded in a database model that enables easy access for BI purposes. IT organizations deliver significant value to the business through solutions such as data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence and operational data stores.

Customer Analytics & Advisory

Customer analytics exploit customer behavioral data to identify unique and actionable segments of the customer base. These segments may be used to increase targeting methods. Ultimately, customer analytics enable effective and efficient customer relationship management. The analytical techniques vary based on objective, industry and application, but may be divided into two main categories.